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向日葵app官方网站Jiangsu Lantian Peier Membrane Co., Ltd (Peier Membrane) is a High-tech company that includes R&D, production, sale service. Peier Membrane now has been the largest manufacturer of flat sheet membrane which is the managing director member of Chinese Membrane Industry Association, also has been recommended to take charge of drafting the standard of submerged flat sheet membrane industry.

Cooperating with “Tsinghua University” Peier Membrane has developed the third generation membrane: High Antifouling Membrane, which is the revolutionary tech product. Being engaged in the research of membrane material, Peier Membrane has developed various materials, types and techs and achieved invention patents and practical patents.

Peier Membrane developed own “MBR flat sheet application center” by cooperating with Nanjing Industry University, has set up dozens of large-scale MBR intermediate water reuse and wastewater treatment typical projects. MBR is the most advantaged tech for save energy and be more effective.

The company manufactures MBR membrane products and other series of WWTP, many of which were exported to Canada, Australia, US, India, Sudan, etc, enjoying high reputation on the international market.

By strong R&D and good after service, Lantian Peier is devoting itself in the process of professional, internationalization and industrialization, to be the leading company in MBR technology.


Jiangsu Lantian Peier Membrane Co.,Ltd.


June 2007

Chairman and CEO

Jiang Zhou

Registered Head Office

向日葵app官方网站East Industry Zone, Gaocheng Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province 214214, China

Registered Capital

向日葵app官方网站42 million CNY ($672,861 USD: Currency on 15th December 2012)


19,000m2 (Peier Membrane Co,.Ltd.)

25,000m2 (Water Purification Equipment Co.,Ltd.)

向日葵app官方网站500m2 (Shanghai Environmental Technology Development Co.,Ltd.)

向日葵app官方网站Business Outline

Manufacturing, Sales and related business of water treatment products and equipments.

Intellectual Capital

向日葵app官方网站Global Certifications:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

向日葵app官方网站OHSAS 18000


向日葵app官方网站3.14 Water Regeneration System (200930050763.7)

New antipollution submerged organic flat membrane MBR Bio-Reactor (ZL 2008200403680)

Preparation method of Bio-Reactor flat membrane: Municipal Waste Water Treatment (ZL200810235358.7)

Preparation method of Bio-Reactor flat membrane: Industrial Waste Water Treatment (ZL200810243970.9)


Total : 216

向日葵app官方网站Senior Engineer : 8

向日葵app官方网站Intermediate Engineer :  13 

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Company Mission:

Perer membrane- Made in China, Global membrane - Made by Peier“Develop high quality products and services to protect environment and solve environmental Issues.”As Lantian Peier is an enterprise that provides environmental products and services, we strongly emphasize the importance of environmental protection. At the same time, we always pay careful attention to the quality of our products and services. With achieving the manufacturing of globally high quality products, our aim is to protect the global environment and provide solutions to the environmental issues.

Company Vision:

"Same Sky, Same Dream”The vision of the Lantian Peier explains the stability and workers behavior. Wherever Lantian Peier is, products, services and workers include top management have the stable and strong motivation, prides and high quality. Also, regarding to the vision, we employ people who have strong motivation on company development. We provide the appropriate rewords and position to the candidates who are qualified enough.
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